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Hebei Far East Communication System Engineering Co., Ltd. (HBFEC) is originally called China Communication System Engineering Corporation (CCSEC) which was established in Jan, 1985. In Mar, 1995, CCSEC changed its name to HBFEC.

On May 22, 2014, to promote the development of the company, "HBFEC" merged with "Hebei Far East Harris Communications Co., Ltd. (FHC)", and established the new "HBFEC". Over the past 20 years, HBFEC witnesses the development and change of the telecommunication field of China.


■ Hebei Far-East Communication System Engineering Co, Ltd. was established;
Business covering: PBX, Traffic Electronics, Energy Electronics, Microwave Communications, Antenna Servo Auto-control, Computer and so on.


■ Hebei Far East Harris Communications Co, Ltd. was established and became a joint venture of Harris Corporation, involving in the design, production and sales of H20-20 PBX;


■ HBFEC entered time frequency components field;
HBFEC involved in the network integration business;

■ HBFEC stated the rail traffic communication business and won the Nanjing Metro North-South Line Communication System Integration Project;

■ HBFEC entered public security communication, software development and visual products fields, and made great achievements on the civil air defense communication field;
HBFEC started rail traffic radio communication system application development and manufacturing and won the Beijing Subway Batong Line Project;

HBFEC started to explore the international market;
HBFEC issued AT cut integrated circuit OCXO with proprietary intellectual property rights;

■ HBFEC got stable development on the rail traffic communication field and won the Beijing Subway Line 1, 2, and 5 Projects;

■ The new headquarters of HBFEC, located in the information industry park of Shijiazhuang, was completed;

HBFEC make impressive achievements on the civil air defense and rail traffic communication fields, and became well known product supplier and system integrator in respective fields;
HBFEC achieved industrialization and mass production for SC cut high grade crystal, and built aging test system with capacity of 200,000 pcs OCXOs at the same time;

■ HBFEC launched Acro®Switch Softswitch products to the market;


■ HBFEC launched Acro®Tetra digital trunked radio product to the market;

HBFEC launched United Communications (UC) product to the market;

■ HBFEC launched Acro®PDT digital trunked radio product to the market;

HBFEC integrated the business, covering: private communication network, public security/emergency response, rail traffic, smart city, system integration, time frequency components and application software fields;
HBFEC achieved volume production of 9x14 non-hermetic sealed small size OCXO;


HBFEC optimized the organization structure and was divided into five divisions: Business Development Division, Rail Traffic Communication Division, Public Security And System Integration Division, Wireless Communication Division And Time Frequency Division, providing more swift services to the customers;
HBFEC achieved volume production of 9x14 hermetic sealed OCXO;

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